Harvey Makes Second Landfall

Catastrophic flooding continues in Houston and the Texas coast, as Harvey made landfall again on Wednesday, this time in Louisiana. Government rescue teams and private citizens continue search and rescue efforts. At least 10 people are confirmed dead, with the toll expected to rise. Read the story from NPR.

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FDA Approves First “Living Drug” to Treat Cancer

In a “historic action” on Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new gene therapy treatment that genetically engineers patients’ own immune cells to fight deadly cancers, such as childhood leukemia. Read the story from NPR.

Uber Ends Post-Ride Tracking of Users’ Location

Users will have the option to share location data only when using the app, now that the ride-hailing company has scrapped its controversial practice of tracking riders’ locations for up to five minutes after a trip ends. Read the story from NPR.

Judge Rejects Sarah Palin Lawsuit

A federal judge dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by Palin against The New York Times, ruling that she failed to show the newspaper acted “maliciously” by publishing mistakes in an editorial before quickly correcting them. Read the story from The AP.