Google Blasts Gender Stereotypes Memo, Fires Engineer

Google fired the software engineer whose viral memo used gender stereotypes to criticize the company's diversity efforts. CEO Sundar Pichai denounced the male engineer’s memo as “advancing harmful gender stereotypes” for suggesting that women don’t get ahead in tech jobs because of biological differences. Read the story from The AP.

» MORE: Read the fired engineer’s full memo on Scribd

U.S. Job Openings Surged to Record High in June

Labor Department data released Tuesday suggest employers are struggling to find qualified workers they need to fill job openings. Read the story from The AP.

Minnesota Mosque Bombing

An explosion damaged a mosque in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, over the weekend as worshippers prepared for morning prayers. Nobody was hurt in the blast. Read the story from The AP. 

Zuma Survives (Another) No-Confidence Vote in South Africa's Parliament

South African lawmakers held a no-confidence vote on Tuesday to decide whether to push President Jacob Zuma out of power. Zuma, who is dogged by corruption scandals, managed to survive, overcoming speculation that a vote held by secret ballot would oust him. Read the story from NPR.

San Francisco Sells Street for $90K. Neighbors Aren't Happy

After a series of $14 tax bills went unpaid, the city of San Francisco auctioned off a private street in a wealthy neighborhood. A California couple now owns the sidewalk, street, and other areas of “common ground,” and is considering charging residents to park there. Read the story from The AP.