Trump Tweets Congress Must Act on DACA

President Trump tweeted Tuesday night that he might “revisit” the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) if Congress does not legalize it in the next six months. 

The tweet comes after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced earlier Tuesday that the program will “wind down,” and the White House distributed talking points to Congress warning that DREAMers should prepare for departure from the United States. The announcement sparked protests across the country, including from Obama, who condemned the decision, calling it “wrong,” “self-defeating,” and “cruel.” Read the story from The AP. 

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Record-Breaking Hurricane Irma on Collision Course with Florida

The 180mph “superstorm” made its first landfall on Wednesday in the Caribbean, leaving destruction in its wake. Puerto Rico and Florida are bracing for battering from the “potentially catastrophic” hurricane, and Key West, Fla., is under mandatory evacuation orders. Read the story from NPR.

Red Sox Used Apple Watch to Steal Yankees’ Signs

Major League Baseball is investigating after the Boston Red Sox reportedly admitted to improperly using an Apple Watch to steal hand signals used by their longtime rival New York Yankees. Read the story from The AP.

Star Wars Episode IX Loses Director 

Colin Trevorrow, best known for directing Jurassic World, has parted ways with Lucasfilm, citing differing visions for the project. Read the story The AP.