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Kick-off the season with Scribd

Any given Sunday, the underdogs may come out on top, records may be broken, and new stars may start to shine out on the gridiron. Quarterbacks—as the leader of the offense, as the center of attention both on and off the field—are usually at the heart of these stories. To celebrate the start of the NFL season and all the exciting and heartbreaking stories it will bring, we’ve collected our favorite books about some of the greatest quarterbacks in the game.

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EditorialAshley McDonnell
Our Dream Reading List: Best of British Wit

We're continuing our dream reading list series, in which our editors take turns sharing the lists of books they'd read in the class of their dreams. This week, Alex P. shares some of her favorite works of British humor (or humour, to our British readers). We'll let her take it from here:

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EditorialAlex Posey
Our Dream Reading List: Bad Things That Happen on Boats

Though we're still enjoying the languid summer days, we know the new school year will soon be upon us. The impending start of school got a few of us around the Scribd office thinking and reflecting about our favorite classes (we're kinda dorky like that) and we asked ourselves: "If we could make our own classes, what would we put on the reading list?" We each took a turn crafting a reading list for a class we'd each love to teach, and we thought it would be fun to share those with y'all. We'll be posting one a week as the school year draws nigh. First up, our editorial coördinator, Justin.

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National Geographic joins Scribd

We’re thrilled to announce another great addition of some of National Geographic’s most popular titles to our library of more than 400,000 books. A lot of us have fond memories of the iconic yellow border gracing the bookshelves and coffee tables of our youth, and we’re proud to bring these world-expanding titles to Scribd.

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What's New on Scribd This Month

This month our subscription service sprites are happy to announce new partnerships with quite a few fantastic publishers, and we’re excited to showcase some of the great new titles we’re bringing to our app and site. Here’s just a sampling of some of the new titles you’ll discover while browsing our virtual shelves:

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EditorialChristina F.
Celebrate this Year's Man Booker Longlist on Scribd

Yesterday saw the release of this year’s longlist for the Man Booker Prize, one of the most prestigious literary prizes in the world This year’s longlist is especially significant for being the first time writers from outside the British Commonwealth, Ireland, and Zimbabwe have been included for consideration, and Americans claimed four spots in field of thirteen (though Donna Tartt’s much-lauded The Goldfinch was markedly absent). Next, the longlist will be narrowed down to six, with the final winner announced in October. While you're waiting for the winner to be announced, take some time to check out some of our favorite titles from this year’s nominees.

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The Man Who Gave Computers a Human Face

When we heard the rumors that Apple will not be launching the promised super-sized iPhone 6 this fall, we took a moment to reflect on the legacy of Steve Jobs, Apple's legendary founder. As the company struggles to maintain its edge over competitors like Samsung and Google, we thought of Walter Isaacson's masterful biography of Jobs, and the way Jobs' presence (or lack thereof) continues to shape the way we interact with technology.

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We Are Young: Summer YA Reading


Whether you're a young adult, or simply young-at-heart, nothing makes for a better summer read than a Young Adult novel. It's easy to become obsessed, and who hasn't been guilty of binge reading a good YA series over a long weekend?

We have thousands of Young Adult titles on Scribd - enough to keep you reading all summer! From Stephen Chbosky's all-too-relatable high school setting to Lauren Oliver's anti-love dystopia, these books are your ticket to the perfect summer escape. Check out what our team members had to say about these YA favorites.

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6 Reasons the Delirium Pilot Will Leave You Wanting More

delirium On June 20th, a pilot based on Lauren Oliver's bestselling book, Deliriumbegan its month-long run on Hulu. The episode has already captured the hearts of fans young and old, but for us it was just a tease. Here are 6 reasons the Delirium pilot will leave you wanting more.

1. Emma Roberts is awesome

It's not that we weren't expecting her to be awesome -- but perhaps we didn't expect to love Emma Roberts this much as Lena Haloway. Sure, this little starlet might not be exactly what you were envisioning during the first few chapters of Delirium, but that doesn’t mean we don’t buy her performance.

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