Introducing A New Reading Experience in Mexico


Today we’re excited to announce that Scribd has launched a new localized reading experience for the Mexico market. Now readers in the country can access a diversified catalog of over 1M ebooks and audiobooks, including over 60,000 Spanish-language titles from top authors and publishers.

Over the past few years, Scribd has seen a significant increase in readers from Mexico engaging with its digital library of ebooks and audiobooks, which led to the company’s decision to build a first-class reading experience in the country. In addition to making several improvements to localize the product experience and enhance content recommendations, we have established new relationships with publishing partners to diversify the content offering. Partners include leading Spanish-language publishers such as Planeta, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, Anagrama, Sexto Piso and El Colegio de México.

“Scribd has a long history of building meaningful relationships with publishers, and we’re committed to driving incremental revenue to the publishing ecosystem,” said Andrew Weinstein, Vice President of Content Acquisition and Strategy at Scribd. “We know consumers in Mexico value reading as a fundamental tool for personal and professional development. We’re proud to have built the most comprehensive digital library of content, and, with our improved local offering, we hope to help readers in Mexico discover new content and continue to expand their knowledge through reading.”

We look forward to continuing to grow and further our mission: to change the way the world reads.

Scribd currently has over 1 million paying subscribers and draws in more than 100 million unique visitors to its platform per month. The full catalog includes over 1 million premium titles and 80 million documents, and readers have spent 190 million hours of reading on the platform to date.