The United States of Interesting

What’s the importance of being interesting? That’s the question we asked Americans in a nationwide survey, and interestingly enough, we found that only a small percentage of Americans think they’re very interesting, while the majority of Americans believe that being interesting is an extremely valuable quality. It raises the question: What do Americans find interesting?

  • It turns out that Americans think being well-read and well-informed are the top qualities that make someone interesting, and the majority agreed that being perceived as boring can cost you a job and lose you that second date.

  • Americans believe that California, New York, and Texas are the top 3 most interesting states, while North Carolina, Ohio, and Michigan ranked as the 3 least interesting states.

  • Did someone say Kardashian? Millennials are 2x more likely than any other age group to find a reality TV star to be the most interesting famous person, while baby boomers are the most likely age group to find a politician to be most interesting.

  • Men are more likely than women to think they are the most interesting person they know.

  • Millennials are the most likely generation to think that they are the most interesting person they know.

  • Women think being well-read is the most interesting quality a person can have, while men think it’s being innovative.


Beat Boring with these interesting reads

Now that you know that more than 47% of Americans think being well-read is an interesting quality, it’s time to beat boring by becoming well read. To help get you started, we’ve collected every book from this infographic in one curated list. Click here to start reading.

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