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The most important document of our time has finally been released, and you can read it right now on Scribd. After hearing bits and pieces of the findings for weeks, it’s time to learn the whole truth for yourself, straight from the source. At Scribd, we believe sharing ideas betters society. We’re grateful to our continuously growing community — from publishers to professors to journalists to avid knowledge-seekers — for contributing to such impactful, global conversations.

The Other Mueller Report: Mueller’s War

Gain key context for the Mueller Report with this new biography of Robert Mueller, Mueller’s War, available exclusively on Scribd. To understand the special counsel trusted to investigate the most sensitive issue in American politics, go back to the military experience that shaped his ideas about honor, duty, and service to the American people. Award-winning journalist, Garrett M. Graff, gives us an in-depth account of Mueller’s time as a Marine in the Vietnam War.

Mueller’s War is our first Scribd Original.