How Reading More Can Make You Feel More Accomplished (And Other Great Benefits)


Tomorrow is National Book Lovers Day!

Book lovers around the world know reading is more than just entertaining: It has the unique power to teach us both about ourselves and the world around us, and this knowledge can be eye-opening and far-reaching.

To truly understand the benefits of reading, Scribd partnered with The Harris Poll to conduct a nationwide survey.

What we found is that the majority of Americans believe reading for just 15 minutes a day can make you feel accomplished, more relaxed, and even happier. But we also learned that many people do not read as much as they would like because they do not feel they have the time.

So, is it worth dedicating more time for reading?

Check out the report below to see how Americans are spending their free time and how reading just a few minutes could have a meaningful impact on your overall well-being.

Start a daily habit of reading on your commute or binge-read a book in one sitting. Either way, it will be time well spent.

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