The Ultimate Reader’s Guide to Super Bowl LI

The Super Bowl is easily America’s biggest sporting event of the year. Whether you’re rooting for the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons (or if you’re just watching for the commercials), you’ll find something to enjoy in our ultimate reader’s guide to Super Bowl LI. 

Delve into our favorite football-themed books, take your finger food game to the next level for your Super Bowl party, or read stories set in Texas, where this year’s Super Bowl game will be played.

About the Game:

When Pride Still Mattered

Everyone can agree that Vince Lombardi was one of the all-time great coaches in NFL history. More than any other sports figure in history, Lombardi worked to transform football into a metaphor for the American Dream, and that’s why football remains one of the most fundamental sports in American culture. In this groundbreaking biography, author David Maraniss explores the myth, the man, and the coach who was Vince Lombardi. 


Daniel “Rudy” Reuttiger will forever be known as one of football’s greatest heroes, thanks in part to the film based on his life (which has gone on to be considered one of the most important sports movies ever made). In this book, the Notre Dame football legend tells the story in his own words. For fans of the game, or for anyone who loves to root for the little guy, Rudy is a must-read.

Why Football Matters

This well-balanced first-hand account of life as a high school football player analyzes the positive and negative impacts of the sport on young men. It also explores the cultural impact of competitive team sports and, more specifically, the shared experience that many adults enjoy, having once played high school football. 

For Your Viewing Party:

Modern Cocktails

Put down that Bud Light and step up your bartending game with these ultra classy cocktails. From classics like the Old Fashioned and the Gin Fizz to modern concoctions like the Juicy Fruit, these drinks are sure to impress even the most die-hard beer fanatics.

The Party Food Bible

When hot dogs and nachos just won’t cut it, let The Party Food Bible be your guide. From potato puree with lobster and herb butter to prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, these amuse-bouches and canapes are sure to delight. Because who said football can’t be fancy?

The Ultimate Sports Fans’ Cookbook

Take all of your favorite football party foods to the next level. Add some bacon to your buttermilk biscuits or a side of wasabi maple mustard to your chicken nuggets. These are all the classic party foods, only better.

Set in Texas:

All the Pretty Horses

All the Pretty Horses, McCarthy’s sixth novel, is a classic cowboy adventure updated artfully for modern times. Set in the late 1940s, the book focuses on the travels and toils of a 16-year-old East Texan named John Grady Cole. The story explores what it means to grow up, what it means to be a man, and what it means to be from Texas.

Lonesome Dove

At its heart, this is a love story about adventure and the epic frontier. Written by Larry McMurtry and awarded the Pulitzer Prize, Lonesome Dove is largely considered to be the best and most detailed novel ever written about the defiant wilderness of America. Set in the enduring state of Texas, this book will introduce you to a series of unforgettable heroes, outlaws, and nair-do-wells. Authentic, beautifully written, and fully engrossing, Lonesome Dove is a book to make us laugh, weep, dream, and remember.


They say that everything is bigger in Texas, which is exactly why this book is named Giant. It captures the pure essence of Texas by chronicling the life and times of Jordan “Bick” Benedict, a cattleman and patriarch. A sensational story of power, love, barons, and tycoons, Giant was the basis of the classic film starring James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, and Rock Hudson.

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