Introducing Scribd Snapshots: A New Way to Discover The Best Nonfiction Books

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We’re excited to introduce Snapshots, a new content offering that helps readers discover nonfiction books on Scribd. The literary equivalent of a movie trailer, Snapshots are created by Scribd and designed to offer key insights of a book in about 15 minutes to spark subscribers’ interest in reading the book in its entirety. Snapshots are available exclusively on Scribd in both text and audio format and included within the Scribd membership.

With Snapshots, Scribd aims to encourage readers to explore new genres and authors via a simple and frictionless experience. We are the only subscription service to offer Snapshots alongside the full book at no additional cost.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve content discovery on Scribd; with Snapshots, we’re going beyond recommendations and providing key insights that get readers excited about books they may not have considered reading otherwise,” said Trip Adler, CEO, Scribd. “By providing quick, snackable previews of top nonfiction books, Snapshots can help publishers and authors to get their titles in front of large audiences who are likely to enjoy them.”

In addition to providing a new avenue of discovery for publishers, Snapshots also benefit busy readers who are indecisive when it comes to committing to their next read. In a new nationwide survey conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of Scribd, 85 percent of Americans said that they believe time spent reading is an investment in themselves and their overall well-being. However, 81 percent of Americans reported that they do not read as much as they would like to, with the number one reason cited as “not having enough time” (39 percent), followed by “it’s easier to do other things” (22 percent). Designed to be digested in less than 15 minutes, Snapshots help readers feel confident in committing their time to read the full book.

Snapshots originally launched in beta earlier this year, with positive reception. Currently, there are over 500 Snapshots available on the platform—all created by Scribd’s in-house editorial content team—which have been read over 20,000 times.

Another milestone in the company’s continued mission to change the way the world reads, Snapshots follows the recent launch of Scribd Originals, an original content program that publishes new and experimental works from top authors exclusively on Scribd. Scribd currently has over 1 million paying subscribers and draws in over 100 million unique visitors to its platform per month, with a total of over 190 million hours read on Scribd to date.

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