Introducing Scribd’s 2022 Bingo Reading Challenge

Introducing Scribd’s 2022 Bingo Reading Challenge

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Introducing Scribd’s 2022 Bingo Reading Challenge
Outside of book clubs, we consider reading challenges one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the full benefits of reading, from learning new things to reducing stress. A reading challenge is a fun way to make reading more — and more diversely — feel less daunting. To help you reach your yearly reading goals, we’re introducing Scribd’s 2022 Bingo Reading Challenge, which provides 25 prompts to help you pick your next great read.

Here are the various prompts on the bingo card:

Scribd’s Bingo Reading Challenge is designed to motivate you to try different genres, read diverse voices, and learn new things. Getting a single bingo by completing five prompts (no free space pass here) will put you on-pace with the median American reader, who reads five books a year, according to Pew Research Center. But we encourage going above and beyond by making a shape (an X or a Z, perhaps?) or covering the whole board by the end of the year.

Download the bingo card here and share your progress with friends on social media. Encourage them to play Scribd Reading Bingo, too. Tag us @Scribd on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter when you make bingo so we can share your success story.

We’ll be sharing updates about our own attempts at covering the board and which books we’ve loved. We hope you enjoy playing Scribd Reading Bingo. Now let’s pick a prompt and begin a great book.

April 2022 Update: See what our Scribd employees are reading, who is getting close to bingo, and the staff picks they recommend.

About the Author: Ashley McDonnell

Ashley is a Senior Editorial Associate at Scribd who loves Ernest Hemingway, “The Hunger Games,” and ice hockey. When she’s not reading or at the rink, she’s making nerdy podcasts about anime and manga.

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