Murder mysteries, crime novels, and stories by Agatha Christie

Murder mysteries, crime novels, and stories by Agatha Christie

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Murder mysteries, crime novels, and stories by Agatha Christie
Born September 15, 1890, Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie went on to become known as the mistress of mystery by writing 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections. Creator of some of the most iconic characters in crime and mystery, she lived a life almost as intriguing as the stories she crafted. Nearly half a century after her death, her books still sell millions of copies a year and have been translated into 100 languages. Whether you’re a die-hard Christie fan or a newbie, here are a few pieces to celebrate Agatha from her own works to biographies that aim to explain her fascinating life and legacy.

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Narrated by Dan Stevens

Some call it the best mystery ever written. Taut with tension on every page, And Then There None places 10 strangers, guests of a mysterious host who remains unknown, on an island. One by one, each succumbs to murder. As the suspense mounts, the increasingly desperate cast of characters comes to grips with their past crimes. Captivatingly narrated by Dan Stevens, best known as Matthew in Downton Abbey.

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Narrated by Richard E. Grant

The first of the Miss Marple stories, this cozy mystery takes place in the tiny but tense village of St. Mary Mead, the detective’s hometown. A murdered vicar has the town talking. Secrets slowly surface as Miss Marple uses her disarming charm to solve the crime.

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The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

Narrated by Hugh Fraser

One of the darker Poirot mysteries, this thriller pits the Belgian detective against a ruthless serial killer, crisscrossing the country by rail, committing murders in alphabetical order: Mrs. Ascher in Andover, Betty Barnard in Bexhill, and so on. Can Poirot put the pieces together before the killer murders again? Narrated by Hugh Fraser, who plays Colonel Hastings in the long-running Agatha Christie’s Poirot television series.

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Foreword by Charles Todd

Ready to binge read all the Poirot stories, from short stories to novellas? You’ll find more than 50 in this collection, the most comprehensive available.

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Narrated by Pearl Hewitt

Author Laura Thompson had unprecedented access to the Christie letters and papers as well as to close family members, resulting in this well-rounded biography of the legendary author. A great read for fans who are hungry for a deeper look into the author’s life. 

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The History Chicks Podcast

Always full of fun discussions on famous women, the History Chicks podcast takes on Agatha Christie’s life and work. It brings to light little-known facts about her work and life, including stories from her early days and a look into her love life and her extensive travels as the wife of an archeologist.

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From CrimeCon Presents: Shattered Souls

It’s one of the most enduring mysteries in the great author’s life: What really happened when Agatha Christie went missing for 11 days in 1926? When she returned, the police chalked her disappearance up to "out of body amnesia.” But there’s a lot more to the story, which this podcast discusses.

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