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All the new audiobooks out this May from Scribd’s very own imprint. Listen to a guide about lowering your stress by adding more awe in your life, a twisty underworld crime novel, a futuristic war story (with dragons!), and more.

The Awe Factor by Allen Klein

Want to lower your stress? Boost your creativity? Feel more connected to others? Allen Klein shares the science-backed benefits of getting more awe in your life and shows readers how to open up to the wonders all around you. Awesome (we couldn’t resist!) tips and techniques for counteracting the doom and gloom of our COVID era.

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Cold for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone by Maurizio de Giovanni

The third book in Maurizio de Giovanni’s series is centered around another gruesome murder in the underbelly of Naples, this time a double homicide that has the “bastards” — including Inspector Lojacono — in a standoff against the local powers that be. If Lojacono and his crew can’t solve it, their reputations as the hardest crime solvers in town won’t make it either. For fans of hard-boiled crime novels, this series always delivers.

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Baghdad Noir by Samuel Shimon

This gripping collection of crime noir dives into the diverse, modern experiences of the ancient city’s citizens. With stories exclusively by Iraqi authors, Baghdad Noir is an edgy testament to a resilient culture. The resulting work is a “landmark” according to Publishers Weekly, “as perhaps the first collection of Iraqi crime fiction ever published.”


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Silver is for Secrets by Laurie Stolarz

School’s out and Stacey’s ready for some fun in the sun in the third book in the Blue is for Nightmares series. All Stacey wants to do this summer is relax on the beach with her boyfriend Jacob and their friends so she can forget the past two terrifying years. But her dream vacation comes to a screeching halt when Stacey’s nightmares return filled with more deadly predictions. Why do Stacey’s friends still doubt the truth in her nightmares after all these years? And why is Jacob keeping secrets too?

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Comemadre by Roque Larraquy

Is Comemadre a dark, sadistic thriller, or a comedy? This novel by Roque Larraquy goes both ways, giving a two-part thrill to readers. It starts in a Buenos Aires sanatorium in 1907; there, doctors have embarked upon a truly gruesome experience to investigate the possibility of life after death, under the guise of cancer research. In the second part, readers are transported ahead 100 years, where an Argentine artist explores the limits of what it means to actually become a living piece of art. Both are filled with oddly humorous and truly scary moments.

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Dragon Two-Zero by William McCaskey

The first book in the Fury series is riveting and full of unexpected twists. In this futuristic war story, the Dragon Two-Zero of the Recon Marines are an elite group tasked with dangerous missions. Dragon Two-Zero is the debut novel for author William McCaskey, whose experiences as a veteran help build a realistic tale of war, even when the battles happen in space.

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The Quiet You Carry by Nikki Barthelmess

Author Nikki Barthelmess knows what it’s like to be thrown into the gears of the foster care system: She lived through it herself. The Quiet You Carry isn’t based directly on her own life, but it deals with the many issues foster kids face, from sexual and domestic abuse to dealing with the stigma of being “unwanted” by their own families. It’s an emotionally tough read, but also an inspiration and an important wake-up call to those unfamiliar with what foster kids endure.

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Fish in Exile by Vi Khi Nao

A couple is racked with grief over the loss of their child to the ocean, with no body to bury and no closure in sight. Through immersive, poetic prose and the usage of mythology of all types — Greek, Roman, and Christianity — the story of two bereaved parents and all their methods of coping are laid bare. From affairs with neighbors to attempting to dress (and inadvertently kill) a series of tropical fish, Vi Khi Nao’s novel is a vivid story of grief and the ways we move forward.

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At the End of a Dull Day by Massimo Carlotto

Giorgio Pellegrini has put serious crime behind him and “retired,” running a restaurant that’s more or less the cover for his prostitution ring. After he’s betrayed by a close confidant and suddenly beholden to the mafia, his deep-rooted taste for revenge (and all the violence, torture, and murder that comes with it) is back in full force. Author Massimo Carlotto’s ability to convince readers to root for a dark, deeply flawed main character is truly an art form.

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Be You Only Better by Kristi Hugstad

This actionable guide to practicing self-care for teens is packed with practical tips, tools, and resources. Be You Only Better focuses holistically on 12 categories of personal growth for young adults — including mental, physical, and financial health — with hands-on how-tos and “what the science says” for all.

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Living the Faery Life by Kac Young

Author Kac Young’s background studying world religions and her own personal Celtic roots have shaped this playful guide to the world of faeries, from learning how to create your own faery garden to rituals with crystals and candles. It’s a thoughtful, spiritual guide for believers and non-believers alike.

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The Crown Lord by William Sirls

The Crown Lord is set in an alternate universe in which white people are oppressed and the ruling class is Black following a revolt in the 1800s. It’s a gritty, explosive novel that leaves readers on the edge of their seat, navigating racial tension and the class divide that continues to exist, no matter who finds themselves on top.

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Article 353 by Tanguy Viel

Instead of a whodunnit, this one’s a whopping whydunnit. Starting right off the bat with a chilling murder, this tense psychological thriller takes readers on a twisty unfolding of what makes a law-abiding man break down into a coldblooded killer.

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The Art of Stopping by David Kundtz

Stopping is not slowing down, according to author David Kundtz. Stopping is actually coming to a standstill, taking a break from the constant race that most of us participate in each day. “Time spent doing nothing allows us to awaken what is most meaningful and valuable to us,” writes Kundtz, in this inspiring guide to living intentionally.

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Above the Rain by Víctor del Árbol

Miguel is losing his memory, and Helena feels like her life is losing all meaning as the two late-in-life friends find themselves marooned at a nursing home in the Canary Islands. When a tragic twist reminds them that their lives aren’t yet over, they embark on an international road trip that puts them directly in the path of the Swedish criminal underworld.

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Red is for Remembrance by Laurie Stolarz

Stacey’s supernatural adventures continue in the fourth book in the Blue is for Nightmares series. After being accepted to college in spite of her mediocre grades, Stacey’s still reeling from the loss of someone close to her and holding out hope that they’re missing, not dead. But soon she’s found a new soul to save and a dangerous mystery to unravel.

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