Scribd’s November reading challenge

Scribd’s November reading challenge

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Scribd’s November reading challenge

This month’s Feed Your Mind reading challenge really embraces the name: With the holiday season upon us, we’ve got plenty of books and podcasts on food, and other food for thought. Try going vegan this Thanksgiving and consider cutting back on the sugar without giving up all the sweet tastes of the season. Plus: Give thanks for what you had this year, but start looking ahead to bigger and better career opportunities. (It wouldn’t be a challenge if you just got to rest on your laurels all day!)

Here’s how the Feed Your Mind challenge works:

Each month, we create five prompts to follow; you can challenge yourself to complete one, all five, or any number in between. These prompts are designed to motivate you to:

  • Read more 
  • Explore new content types 
  • Help you find works that are outside of your usual go-to genres 

The challenges are a mix of timely prompts and random, fun ideas. Here are November’s prompts:

Go vegan for the holidays

“But Thanksgiving is for turkey!” you are probably thinking right now. Well, November is also World Vegan Month, and the vegans know exactly what they’re doing here. Not eating meat and other animal products has plenty of benefits, for you and for the planet. But don’t take our word for it: Check out vegan books or podcasts on the subject if you’re curious what vegan folks eat for Thanksgiving.

Suggested reading list:

Persuasive Books for the Vegan Curious 

Learn the benefits of eating less sugar

From now until the end of February, it’s sweets central, with cakes and candy canes and chocolates galore. Oh, and hot chocolate. We need hot chocolate. But maybe we don’t need to drink so many other sugary drinks, or have so many chocolate Santas. In other words, you don’t need to give up sugar completely to reap health benefits.

Tips on Eating Less Sugar

Gain insider career advice

The Great Resignation is real, and there are plenty of titles that will level up any career choice. Prepare for the busy holiday season and the new year with a couple of business classics to take your career to the next level.

Suggested reading list:

Gems of Career Advice No One Ever Tells You

Think different

It’s hard to grasp how much our lives have changed over the past few decades alone. We went from landlines and tapes to minicomputers in our pocket that can do pretty much anything (including play music), and are connected to the rest of the world via the Internet. We may not always be enthused by tech disruptors (we’re looking at you, Facebook; or should we call it Meta?), but that strong desire to change the world, and the will to actually make it happen, is something to be admired. Read a book about your favorite (or most loathed) disrupting company so you can start channeling that energy for good. 

Suggested reading list:

How Tech Disruptors ‘Think Different’

The best Thanksgiving books

Everybody gets excited for Christmas books. We’re here to tell you there’s a healthy Thanksgiving cannon out there full of family-friendly (and okay, maybe not-so-family-friendly) stories. Find a story set during this time of feasting and family.

Suggested reading list:

The Best Thanksgiving Books, Per O, The Oprah Magazine


About the Author: Ashley McDonnell

Ashley is a Senior Editorial Associate at Scribd who loves Ernest Hemingway, “The Hunger Games,” and ice hockey. When she’s not reading or at the rink, she’s making nerdy podcasts about anime and manga.

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