Scribd’s October reading challenge

Scribd’s October reading challenge

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Scribd’s October reading challenge

Welcome, witches and warlocks, to our monthly reading challenge. Whether you’re as pumped for the spooky season as we are, or you hate ghosts, goblins, and ghouls, we’ve got stories to satisfy every fright level this fall. For our October reading challenge, we encourage you to pick up a Halloween classic, read an uplifting novel, learn the techniques of top entrepreneurs, and much more. Prepare for the challenge by brewing yourself a nice cup of hot tea (a timeless beverage that's always on-trend), putting on your fuzziest socks, and seating yourself in a mildly chilly corner of the house with a cozy blanket.

Here’s how the Feed Your Mind challenge works:

Each month, we create five prompts to follow; you can challenge yourself to complete one, all five, or any number in between. These prompts are designed to motivate you to:

  • Read more
  • Explore new content types
  • Help you find works that are outside of your usual go-to genres

The reading challenges are a mix of timely prompts and random, fun ideas.

Here are October’s prompts:

Have a thrilling Halloween

Every day in October is Halloween when you’re a horror fan. Or a lover of a good paranormal romance. Or perhaps you’ve been curious to branch out into more frightful tales, but you’ve been too scared to start. Whether you’re a voracious reader of thrillers or more into spoopy, we encourage you to pick a festive read to restore your spirits.

Suggested reading lists:
Addicting Thrillers, True Crime, and Suspense Stories
Halloween Classics
Haunted YA Tales for a Happy Halloween

Embrace change

Reenergize your mind, body, and spirit with inspirational reads for uncertain times. Since everything’s been particularly frightful for the past year and a half — the pandemic, the weather, politics — we understand October needs to be about more than just putting on a gory face to join in Halloween festivities.

Suggested reading list:

Embracing Change During Scary Times

Think like a CEO

Many CEOs and top executives extol reading as a habit and sing the praises of particular books that changed their lives. If you have dreams of being an entrepreneur, it’s best to read the most recommended business and psychology books, according to people calling the biggest shots.

Suggested reading list:

Insightful Recommendations From Top Business Leaders

Play ball

October is perhaps one of the greatest months for sports, with all five major leagues in America in full swing. As the baseball playoffs start, leading to the World Series in late October, now’s the best time to relive some of the greatest moments of past ball games.

Suggested reading list:

All-Star Baseball Books Worthy of the World Series

Enjoy a story with an upbeat ending

Because the world has been so much since March 2020, and we all deserve to remember what joy feels like.

Suggested reading list:

Entertaining Books with Upbeat Endings


About the Author: Ashley McDonnell

Ashley is a Senior Editorial Associate at Scribd who loves Ernest Hemingway, “The Hunger Games,” and ice hockey. When she’s not reading or at the rink, she’s making nerdy podcasts about anime and manga.

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