What kind of reader are you?

What kind of reader are you?

In For the Love of Reading by G.G. Andrew

What kind of reader are you?

So you know your zodiac sign, your Hogwarts house, and your Myers-Briggs personality type, but do you know what type of reader you are? Take a look below to see where you land in the reading world — along with great book recommendations for your particular reading type!

Social Book Clubber

For you, the book is half the fun. The other half is discussing what you’ve been reading with other people. You love recommending books to friends, you actively share what you read on social media and reader sites, and you’re probably in a book club — maybe even two book clubs. You’ve been texting your best friend to ask if she’s started reading the book you just finished, because what happens on page 56? You definitely need to process that with someone.

What to read next: You'll find it impossible to read Alison Gaylin's The Collective without wanting to talk about it. It follows a grieving mother who joins an underground group of women who go to shocking ends to seek revenge, raising tantalizing questions about justice, grief, privilege, and more.

Mega Reader

If you’re a Mega Reader, you read books — a lot of books. Your friends are constantly impressed that you manage to read 100 books a year, and sometimes more. You read a lot of genre fiction like romance, mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy, but you’re aren’t picky; you know that there are incredible books in all genres. Most of all, you’re aware that your time on Earth is finite, and there are so many amazing books out there waiting for you to read.

What to read next: Set in a futuristic Nigeria, Nnedi Okorafor’s new cyberpunk novel Noor will have you burning through the pages. It follows a woman with biotech enhancements as she runs for her life. When you’re done, check out Okorafor’s other speculative novels, like Akata Witch or Binti.

Literary Lingerer

For the Literary Lingerer, reading is all about taking the time to enjoy gorgeous prose and thought-provoking themes. For this careful, appreciative reader, literary fiction is a perfect fit, because it has both weighty subject matter and lyrical lines. If you fit into this type, you probably enjoy discussing what you’ve read and reading reviews from critics from time to time. But the best part about the reading experience for you is lingering over all those lovely words.

What to read next: Acclaimed novelist Sally Rooney’s latest, Beautiful World, Where Are You, follows four Irish millennials as they struggle with friendships, relationships, and finding themselves. Literary Lingerers will savor the story as told through emails filled with Rooney’s well-penned prose.

Nonfiction Bookworm

For you Nonfiction Bookworms out there, books about all the fascinating aspects of the real world are the best. If you’re this type, you know the old secret that truth can be stranger than fiction, so while you may read the occasional novel, nonfiction is your favorite. You’re probably brilliant at social gatherings, because you’ve learned so much from reading. Black holes, the social behavior of birds, the inner lives of celebrities, the most shocking true-crime accounts — you know interesting facts about an array of subjects, and your life — and reading — is richer for it.

What to read next: Feast your mind on stories of the fascinating intersections between people and animals — from chickens to tigers — in Susan Orlean's new bestseller, On Animal.

Fantasy Fan

Most of us read to escape reality from time to time, but for the Fantasy Fan, reading is about truly dwelling in other worlds full of magic, space monsters, and more. You have treasured memories of a few childhood books that captured your imagination and which you might re-read at times. You might have things in common with the voracious Mega Reader, but you’ve also thought about, maybe even dabbled in, cosplaying your favorite sci-fi or fantasy characters or writing fanfiction. You have a lot of opinions about the screen adaptations of your favorite books. For you, books aren’t just about reading, but experiencing a universe that feels almost as real as our own (and certainly more interesting!).

What to read next: Chloe Gong’s These Violent Delights and its captivating new sequel, Our Violent Ends, will transport you to 1920s Shanghai in a Romeo and Juliet retelling complete with gangsters and a sea monster.


If this is you, you’re choosy about what you read — but for slightly different reasons than other readers. You want to read a great story with fantastic writing, sure, but you also need it to sound good. Audiobooks are your jam, and you want a great listening experience while you drive to work, fold laundry, or fall asleep. Your friends can always count on you for recommendations for not only books, but the best podcasts, and you’ve been known to nerd out when you learn a favorite author is reading her latest book.

What to read next: For a heartwarming audiobook to keep you warm this winter, listen to Ann Patchett read her new collection of essays about family, friendship, and creativity in These Precious Days.

Popular Reader

The Popular Reader loves to devour the hottest new novel — the one everyone’s talking about. If you’re this type, you share elements in common with the Social Book Clubber in that you probably like to discuss what you read. At the very least, you like to keep up with the latest book buzz and find out what’s so shocking, thrilling, romantic, or interesting about that book you’re seeing everywhere. Your friends always come to you for book recommendations, and with good reason: You’ve got your finger on the pulse of the literary scene!

What to read next: Five Tuesdays in Winter, the new short story collection from Lily King, author of Writers and Lovers, is topping the lists for both bestsellers and critical acclaim, with fellow author Ann Patchett saying it “moved me, inspired me, thrilled me. It filled up every chamber of my heart.”


About the Author: G.G. Andrew

G.G. is a freelance writer and author of romance and women's fiction, including the short story "Everything Left Unsaid" in the collection A Million Ways: Stories of Motherhood. A Texas transplant, she lives outside Houston with her husband and two sons, both of whom are on the autism spectrum. In her spare time, she enjoys browsing bookstores, yoga, paper crafts, cooking, genealogy, and anything related to Halloween. She's probably drinking tea right now.

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